Obser - Java Object Serializer

This site is all about a Obser - a custom general purpose Java serializer speeding up the process of serializing/deserializing arbitary Java objects


In search for a fast general purpose Java serializer I was not able to find a decent serializer that was feature complete.
There is Kryo and fast serialization.
Kryo, while fast, was not able to serialize all the objects I tried correctly. It also requires a non arg constructor for deserialization of objects.
Fast serialization appears to function only on Java7 and above and was not working at all when I tried it.
Thus I created Obser, a Java object serializer centered entirely around Unsafe.

Features (current and future releases)



Apache License



Obser os = ObserFactory.createObser(ObserEncoding.nativeEncoding());
byte[] out = new byte[1024*1024];
int size = os.serialize(objectToBeSerialized, out, 0);


byte[] in = ... // obtain the data
Obser os = ObserFactory.createObser(ObserEncoding.nativeEncoding());
Object deserializedObject = os.deserialize(in, 0);

Custom Serialization Logic

Use standard Java techniques.


(c) Pressenna Sockalingasamy